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Nicholas Eymerich, Inquisitor: the plague


1364. Nicholas Eymerich arrives in Carcassonne, the headquarter of Inquisition, in order to investigate the mysterious   plague and other obscure events that afflict a small eretich village in southern France.

But truth is not so easy: power struggles beetween Dominican and Cistercians and,  above all, many shocking signs of  Satan presence, force Eymerich to take power away from the Abbot and become himself the Grand Inquisitor.

His journey to the village become more and more awful, the Evil causes madness and ghastly creatures infest the forest. Even the cistercian Castle is a place of torture where pyres of bodies are burning. Eymerich must face and defeat the Evil, who has taken over something unexpected.

Nicholas Eymerich is the lead character of Valerio Evangelisti saga “Nicholas Eymerich: The inquisitor”, world wide bestseller and winner of international book awards.


Game play

  • Over 30 full-detailed environments
  • 3 different game modes (adventure, interactive novel, accessibile/audiogame)
  • More than 20 different puzzles and minigames
  • Widescreen resolutions supported
  • Rich 3D audio environments
  • 2,75D graphics, full-HD
  • From 6 to 8 hours of gameplay
  • Optional text driven input
  • Dubbing and texts in English and Latin