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Services for videogames

Imagimotion specializes in services for videogames. We provided all the services needed to power a successful product.


Other services

We work out 3D applications and innovative solutions capable of interacting with the user and integrating different multimedia contents, perfect for creating online virtual tours and interactive stands in museums. From 3D modeling and rendering (objects, virtual sets) to the development of graphics software conceived ​​specifically for each project, our services can deal with a huge amount of complex data with a user-friendly approach.

We also provide web applications such as dynamic websites and portals for Microsoft and Unix Web Server, from the graphic concept to the final publication, offering a wide range of additional features according to the customer’s requirements. Our technological knowledge includes Javascript, VBScript, Perl, ASP, PHP, Java, Flash, Shockwave e Multiuser Server, WSAD.

Our services:

  • e-commerce solutions, both B2B and B2C;
  • web sites, intranet and extranet sites;
  • search engine optimization and website positioning;
  • implementation and management of databases such as Oracle, Access and MySql;
  • web sites, intranet and extranet sites;
  • virtual communities and chat rooms;
  • messaging systems;
  • AICC compliant applications for Web-based Learning Management Systems.

We develop multimedia applications overseeing the whole process of graphic and structural design, providing the final CD burning too.
Over the years, we have devised promotional ​​CDs, self-education courses released as supplement to popular computer magazines and staff training software.

We are able to supply quality web design services and maintenance services.