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About us

Imagimotion is a software house founded in 2000 thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of gamers, designers and developers. After starting out as a multi-platform game development company, Imagimotion extended its expertise ranging from web design to the creation of 3D and virtual reality applications.
Inspired by a constant curiosity for technological innovation and relying on permanent professional updating, Imagimotion collaborates with public corporations and leading companies developing multimedia and popular-scientific projects.

Ten years ago, we understood the potential of MMORPGs and now as then we analyze market trends to understand how technological landscape will evolve. The research is the first step towards the development of new products.
We approach each new challenge figuring out the potential application of innovative solutions, suitable for the evolution of IT market and meeting the customer’s needs.
Our development expertise spans a wide range of platforms, including PC, Mac, mobile (J2ME, Blackberry, IOS, Android), Web, Wii, PSP, Xbox and the good old Amiga, unforgotten platform that marked our entry into the world of video games.

The creation of exciting game experience is still the company’s core business: after all, that’s how our adventure began.