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Tabletop Strategy Games set in the Medieval Ages.



Tabletop Strategy Games set in the Medieval Ages. Beginning with just a small farm in 800AD. Players have to build their Family dynast over seven centuries until the feudal system ended in 1492AD.
Feudalism offers a wide range of possible actions. Strengthen your family’s power using trade, colonization, diplomacy, exploration, conquest and intelligence. Create strategic alliances though marriage or even resort to murder in order to alter your family bloodlines and achieve your goals.
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Eymerich the Inquisitor Book I: The plague
is now for sale worldwide!


“Eymerich the Inquisitor Book I: The plague” now available.

“Eymerich the Inquisitor Book I: The plague” is now for sale worldwide, as the french publisher Microïds announced months ago.  The game is available for Pc and Mac, and soon in iOs and  Android version. It’s dubbed in english, italian and latin and also subtitled in french, spanish and german.

“Eymerich the Inquisitor Book I: The plague” is the first chapter of the dark and breathless saga of Eymerich, an enigmatic monk involved in sinister affairs, among paranormal presences and very human temptations.

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FootMoov Skills
the unexpected controller!

FootMoov Skills

Shoes are made for walking, running, dancing an so on but FootMoov are made for gaming!

FootMove is the most glamourous controller and is on you foot, thanks to made in italy design and advanced technology. Indulge to this crazy innovation and your gameplay will never be the same! Imagimotion lab is working at the funniest and uncommon tool: your body! Read more…